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Position Available - Editor, Anglican Life in Newfoundland & Labrador

Position Available
Editor, Anglican Life in Newfoundland & Labrador

The Tri-Diocesan Management Committee seeks applications for the position of Editor for Anglican Life in Newfoundland & Labrador. 

Anglican Life in Newfoundland and Labrador is the newspaper of the Anglican Church in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. A co-operative effort of the three Dioceses in Newfoundland and Labrador, it is published monthly, except July and August, with an independent editorial policy. The Editor has responsibility for all final decisions pertaining to the design, layout, content and quality of each issue of Anglican Life

The publishers of Anglican Life are the three Bishops of the Dioceses of Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador, Central Newfoundland, and Western Newfoundland.

The Business Manager and Advertising Agent is the Joint Committee Officer.

What are we looking for in an Editor?
The Editor of Anglican Life should possess the following qualities:
  • A personal faith in God and an active relationship with Jesus Christ which is empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  • Be able to provide a prophetic and pastoral voice to the church that encourages its ministry and reflects the breadth and diversity of the church, in particular the Anglican Church in Newfoundland & Labrador.
  • Be able to share in and take responsibility for the writing of news, features, and editorials that reflect critically and appreciatively on the church’s life, actions, and decisions.
  • Be able to provide analysis, commentary, and reflection on issues facing the church and the world
  • Be able to ensure that the newspaper operates at the highest level of professionalism
  • Be able to safeguard the editorial independence of Anglican Life
  • Be able to edit, design, produce, and lead the editorial direction of Anglican Life as a ministry to the church and of the church.
What is expected of the Editor?
The Editor of Anglican Life should exhibit the following abilities:
  • To be responsible for the overall editorial content of Anglican Life
  • To write editorials at least five times each publishing year (ten issues)
  • To be responsible for receiving material from parish reporters and keep a log of all received materials
  • To prepare the layout and design of the paper 
  • To edit material where necessary
  • To work in conjunction with the Joint Committee Officer in matters of advertising and finances;
  • To be a liaison with regular columnists and contributors
  • To meet annually with the Anglican Life Committee to do long term planning around the context and ministry of the paper
Experience and Education
The Editor of Anglican Life should have the following educational and experience requirements:
  • A relevant Post-Secondary degree (Journalism or Arts) or equivalent
  • Experience in working with newspapers or magazines
  • Experience with desktop publishing and related computer applications.  The applicant should possess computer skills which include a working knowledge of publishing software (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Adobe Acrobat) as well as have flexibility to work with hard copy articles
  • Applicant should have some working knowledge and experience in maintaining Anglican Life website and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Applicant is expected to be an active member of an Anglican parish in the Anglican Church to Canada
  • Knowledge, understanding, and experience of the church (Anglican Church of Canada, Anglican Communion, ecumenical)
  • A lively, personal engagement with matters of faith, life, and social transformation
Applications should include:
  • A short letter of application, including brief introduction of applicant’s life experience and Christian faith
  • A complete curriculum vitae, including at least three references
  • Sample(s) of a publication(s) created by applicant
  • Two sample Editorials

Please Mail completed applications by October 15, 2015 to:
The Rt. Rev’d Donald Young
Joint Committee
34 Fraser Road, 
Gander, NL, A1V 2E8 

For further questions please contact Bishop Don Young, Joint Committee Officer at or phone (709) 256-7701 

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About Us:

Anglican Life in Newfoundland and Labrador, incorporating the Anglican Journal/Journal Anglican, is the journal of the Anglican Church in the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador. A co-operative venture of the three Newfoundland Dioceses, it is published monthly, except July - August, with an independent editorial policy.

It has a monthly circulation of 23,000. The paper is supervised by the Anglican Life Committee, with clerical and lay representatives from the Diocese of Western Newfoundland, Central Newfoundland and Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Committee appoints the Editor-in-Chief (subject to the approval of the Tri-Diocesan Joint Committee).

The Rev. Sam Rose
8 Croydon Street
Paradise, NL
A1L 1P7


Anglican Life Website
You can view entire issues of Anglican Life online at:

The Rt. Rev. Donald Young
34 Fraser Road
Gander, NL
A1V 2E8
Telephone: (709) 256-7701

Advertising Inquiries can be made to:
The Rt. Rev. Donald Young (see contact information above)

Subscription Rates
$15.00 Newfoundland and Labrador
$20.00 Outside of Newfoundland and Labrador
$25.00 International

Change of Address
Each parish is responsible for updating their own subscription list to Anglican Life.

Change of Address should be sent to the Circulation Manager, 34 Fraser Road, Gander, NL A1V 2E8, Telephone: (709) 256-2372, Fax: (709) 256-2396.

Also, subscription changes can be made directly by visiting:

Advertisers can reach a wide market throughout the Province, Circulation 23,000 per issue, mailed directly to homes and online.

Advertizing Rates
$9.30 per column inch, for example 2 columns x 2 inches (business card size) $37.20 per insertion (no tax) Column width 1 7/8 inches, 5 columns per page.

Additional advertising Rates and information can be obtained from Bishop Donald Young (see contact information above)

Who We Are:

Welcome to the website of Anglican Life in Newfoundland & Labrador which features an online version of the monthly print edition of the newspaper Anglican Life . We are the Church newspaper for the three Anglican Dioceses of Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador, Central Newfoundland & Western Newfoundland.